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Welcome to Ohana School of Performing Arts, where we spread peace & positivity through performance! We can’t wait to welcome you to our dance family!

Ohana Means Family

Experience life-enriching, all-inclusive classes to inspire children and adults to express themselves through movement, dream big, and change the world!

A group womens doing the dance practice on the floor

Dance Classes

Join us for fun, welcoming dance classes in a variety of styles in a supportive & positive environment.
A stage girls doing the dance on the stage with the classic dresses

Performance Troupe

Explore the opportunities that Performance Troupe has to offer! Dancers can learn a solo, duet, or trio over the summer months and have the chance to learn, grow, and be pushed to their fullest potential!

A group womens doing the dance practice on the floor


We offer team & character-building activities through the Wingman for Dance Program. This encourages a supportive, inclusive environment that builds friendships & a safe, loving dance community.

“I don’t want to just teach dance – I want to instill strong values in my students: kindness, compassion, support, empathy, goodwill, teamwork, trust, & love. I want everyone to feel as though they are part of the family, because each of us have our own gifts to share with the world! Our goal is not only to educate and train dedicated, disciplined dancers, but to raise good humans with love and compassion for all.”

~Ashley Kohl

Owner & Creative Director

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